110 Slide & Negative Transfer to Digital!

We will transfer all your 110 Slide & Negatives to digital images so you
can view the files on a DVD, Computer, Tablet or online using The Cloud.

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Step 1: Estimate Your Number of 110 Slide & Negatives

You don't need to be exact, just figure out a ball park idea on how many 110 Slide & Negatives you have to send in. When we do our final billing we will know exactly how many 110 Slide & Negatives we scanned and we will adjust billing to reflect the actual amount.

Step 2: Choose Your Resolution & Format

Resolution is one of the biggest factors when determining quality of your scan. The higher the resolution you choose, the higher the quality of a scan you will get. It is the same concept as a Megapixels when choosing a digital camera.

We offer 3 resolutions, 2000, 3000 & 4000 dpi. To learn more about their differences, click here

We offer two different format types for digital images, Jpeg & Tiff. Jpeg files are universally recognized, and is the format we typically recommend. If you plan to use your images for professional reproduction or to do extensive editing, we would recommend Tiff files. We do not charge extra per scan for the Tiff files.

Step 3: Choose Between Discs, Thumbdrives or 'The Cloud'

Once we have transferred your 110 Slide & Negatives to digital we need a place to put the digital images! You can choose to have your files saved to a DVD, DVD Video Slideshow, Thumb Drive, Hard Drive, or download directly from us. If you are unsure what is right for you, just ask us, we will help you make the best decision for your situation.

Step 4: Come to the store, or mail us your 110 Slide & Negatives

If you live close enough to our Utah store, feel free to drop in anytime during our normal store hours. If you are coming to the store we can answer any questions you may have, and can take care of filling out your order form.

If you don't live close to our Utah store, we receive many of our orders in the mail. Just fill out our order form and send it in with your 110 Slide & Negatives. We will let you know once your 110 Slide & Negatives have arrived and when we will be returning it to you.

scanned in Utah, all in the USA

Stays in the USA! Right here in Utah

All our work is done right here in Utah. We don't outsource our work outside the United States. We keep everything in-house in our Utah store. That is how we are able to offer fast turnaround times, personalized service, and a promise to protect your memories. Whether you are able to drop by our Utah store, or mail your 110 Slide & Negatives into us, we will transfer your 110 Slide & Negatives using the best scanning equipment with trained professional staff.

110 Slide & Negative
Transfer Service

110 Slide Pricing

2000 DPI: $0.52 Per Slide
3000 DPI: $0.55 Per Slide
4000 DPI: $0.58 Per Slide

110 Negative Film Pricing

2000 DPI: $1.03 Per Frame
3000 DPI: $1.33 Per Frame
4000 DPI: $1.48 Per Frame
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free digital color correction

Free Digital Color Correction

All scanned images will received free standard digital color correction. If you feel that your 110 Slide & Negatives might need more time & attention, you can choose to upgrade to our premium color correction.

dvd video slideshow Stereo Slides scanning cd

Download Your Images

No Discs. No Waiting.

Instead of waiting for discs to arrive in the mail, we now offer to the ability to download your images from Google Drive. We will upload your files & put them right inside your personal Google Drive account. From there you can easily access your files anytime, anywhere, and share with family & friends.
Google Drive Download Details

dvd video slideshow negative scanning cd

DVD Video Slideshow

Adding a DVD Video Slideshow to your 110 Slide & Negative transfer project makes viewing your images on your TV using your DVD player so easy! DVD Slideshows also make great gifts for family & friends.

View Your Images Online

Once your 110 Slide & Negatives have been transferred to digital you can choose to have your images uploaded online for you to view & organize. Now you don't need to worry about getting all your 110 Slide & Negatives in a particular sequence before you bring the 110 Slide & Negatives in.