Movie Film Transfer to Digital!

We will transfer all your Movie Films to digital video files so you can view the files
on a DVD, Computer, or Tablet.

35mm Movie Film scanning conversion cd dvd


Standard Definition: 24¢ per foot

High Definition 1080p: 28¢ per foot

All Movie Film transfers come with a FREE
playable DVD for their TV!


Step 1: Count your number of Movie Film reels

Our order form will determine how many feet of film you have, you just need to figure out how many reels you have of each size. If you would like to see how many feet of film are on each roll of firlm, see our movie film footage chart.

Step 2: Choose Between High Definition or Standard Definition.

We offer High Definition Transfer (HD) or Standard Defintion Transfers (SD). To determine what type of transfer you want you need to decide what you want to do with your movie film. If you only plan to watch your film on a DVD, then you can go with a SD transfer since DVD's are only in Standard Defintion. If you want to watch your disc on a Blu-Ray, you will want to choose a High Definition transfer. If you want the MP4 Video Files so that you can edit the footage and share it online, we offer both SD & HD, but we recommend the HD transfer because its higher quality.

Step 3: Choose Between DVD, Thumbdrives or MP4 Discs.

Once we have transferred your Movie Films to digital we need a place to put the digital video files! You can choose to have your files saved to a DVD, Blu-Ray, Thumb Drive, or Hard Drive. If you are unsure what is right for you, just ask us, we will help you make the best decision for your situation.

All move film orders receive a FREE DVD for their TV. This DVD will come with the original footage and will not contain any editing (unless you have chosen Advanced Color Restoration) and it will not have a menu. If you want features added to your disc, email us at and we can create a custom quote for you. Optional features include background music, trimming out leader, editing out unwanted portions of film, custom menu, titles, captions, title screens, adding digital images to your video...whatever you want!

To put your film on a Blu-Ray disc you need to choose a High Definition Transfer. Blu-Ray discs can only be played on a Blu-Ray player/

Step 4: Come to the store, or mail us your Movie Films

If you live close enough to our Utah store, feel free to drop in anytime during our normal store hours. If you are coming to the store we can answer any questions you may have, and can take care of filling out your order form.

If you don't live close to our Utah store, we receive many of our orders in the mail. Just fill out our order form and send it in with your Movie Films. We will let you know once your Movie Films have arrived and when we will be returning it to you.

Movie Film with Sound

super8 movie film with sound

Most Movie Film was shot as silent film, however there are many reels out there that actually have an audio soundtrack. Please indicate on your order form if you would like us to capture the audio soundtrack on your movie film. The cost is per foot.


Splicing Film with Sound

Industry standard is to splice smaller reels onto larger ones to make to transferring movie film to digital more efficient. When we transfer movie film with sound it takes significantly more time to set up each reel to ensure that all of the audio is captured. Due to this, if you need to make a special request that we do not splice your smaller reels onto a larger reel, there will be a $5 per reel fee. To learn more about why this is necessary, click here.

scanned in Utah, all in the USA

Stays in the USA! Right here in Utah

All our work is done right here in Utah. We don't outsource our work outside the United States. We keep everything in-house in our Utah store. That is how we are able to offer fast turnaround times, personalized service, and a promise to protect your memories. Whether you are able to drop by our Utah store, or mail your Movie Films into us, we will transfer your Movie Films using the best scanning equipment with trained professional staff.

Movie Film Transfer Service


SD 480: 24¢ per foot

HD 1080p: 28¢ per foot

All Movie Film transfers come with a playable DVD for their TV!

order Movie Films transferred to digital

Movie Film Types

We process silent Super8 Movie Film, silent 8mm Movie Film & 16mm Movie Film (silent or with sound).

Advanced Digital Color Restoration

movie film digital restoration color correction fade enhancement

As Movie Film ages, the dyes begin to fade, leaving discolored film. Luckily we can digitally color correct your movie film to help restore its color.

Color correction is located on the order form under Additional Options

Digital Images from Your Movie Film
digital image from video files

Once we have transferred your Movie Film to digital we can create digital images from the footage. We create a digital image every second, 2 seconds... whatever you want.

Call us to discuss your options

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