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Online Image Organization System

We've heard your cries for help and we now have the solution to the single biggest problem facing customers that want to preserve their photos in digital format.

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Instead of painstakingly trying to merge, organize, and sort all of your photo memories, now all you need to do is box it all up and send it in to us! We will professionally digitize all of your memories and present them on-line where you can do the organization in a much more productive and easy method. Once you are done, you simply click on the submit button and we will take care of the rest of the process. Your images will arrive on DVD exactly the way you have organized, sorted, and named them.

dont want keep delete images

Don't want it? Delete it for free!

When you order our IOS service, you can even chose to discard the scans that you don't want on your discs. Discard as many scans you want, but the maximum credit for deleted scans is 10% of the total scans.

This offer is limited to Printed Photos, 35mm Slides and 35mm Negatives. Credit will not be applied for discarded scans from Medium Format, Large Format, 110, 126 Negatives, and 127 size film. Can't be combined with any other coupon or discount.

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Giving you total control on how you want to organize your digital images.

Our IOS system is designed to make life easy for our customers. All you will need to do is gather your photos, slides, negatives, medium & large format film, and send it in to us. Then, we will post a low-resolution version of the images online and you can easily organize them.

You no longer need to sort and group by year or event. After we have scanned and edited your images, we will email you with a link and login-id so that you can view the images on-line and move them into the appropriate groups and organize as you see fit. You can even re-name your groups or digital pictures, such as "Mom's 50th Birthday" so each image or group has a personal touch.

We know how big of a pain it can be to try to hold a 35mm slide up to the window and try to figure out what and who is in the picture. And negative film, well that's next to impossible! Sometimes even a printed photo is so old that you need to consult with your parents or grandparents to determine place, date, and subject of a photo.


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We have just launched the first and only
on-line photo organization system that allows you to organize, sort, and rename your images BEFORE the final product is produced and shipped.

The new Image Organization System (IOS) provides an easy to use photo organization and renaming tool. The IOS allows you, the customer, with the ability to organize your scanned photos, slides, and negatives BEFORE we burn your discs and create your video slideshow.

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Step 1:
View your Images Online

Once we have digitized your slides, negatives and photos you can go online and see the finished product. We will scan your slides in the order we received them, and use the folder structure you requested.
Click on image to enlarge.

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Step 2:
Larger Images for easy viewing

When the program first loads it only shows smaller thumbnails to make downloading quick and easy. If you want to see an image larger, just double click on it and a larger image will pop up. Make sure your pop up blocker is not turned on; otherwise your image will not appear.
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Step 3:
Easily Create Groupings Online

You can alter the groupings that we create for you and add even more specific groups and titles yourself. You can create as many groupings online as you want.

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Step 4:
Custom File Names to Each Image

Instead of generic naming such as "Image 1, Image 2" you can customize your file names such as "Trip to California 1975". These file names will not appear on the image, just the file name.

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Step 5:
Just Hit Submit & You're done!

Once you are satisfied with the organization of your images just hit the "Submit to Larsen Digital" button and we will create your discs and return your order. It's that simple!