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We guarantee that your order will be processed using the highest quality professional equipment and each image will be digitally color corrected by trained professionals with backgrounds in graphic design.

We understand that your film & videos are priceless to you and having them converted to digital can be an overwhelming task, which is why we guarantee that we will treat your memories with the care and skill they deserve. We will help you every step of the way prepare your film & videos, and we will take care of them as if they were our own. We will ensure that all orders that leave our facility will be up to industry standards receiving the very best of care and attention.

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What others have to say

We were so delighted when we found you. Our expectations have been exceeded to the max. When we started to search for a company that could scan slides we could tell right off that you were focused on custom service the first time we called you. Scanning slides at our local camera store turned out to be a real disaster even though the local cost was twice as expensive as yours. I'm going to tell all of friends and relatives about Larsen Scanning.

Bev Rhinehart
Palm Beach, Florida

Dear Sir; Wondering if you realize what a gem of an employee and public relations specialist you have representing your business? Belatedly, in the latter part of November, I decided to have 900+ slides converted to a DVD for my family as a Christmas day surprise. Way back in the Stone Age.....:-).... when we were raising our children, we purchased a 35 mm. camera, under the mistaken impression that slides lasted forever with no deterioration....:-( Thus, we captured our children's childhood solely on slides. Though we enjoyed watching them on a projector now and then, they really weren't readily accessible enough to look at very often. But....I digress.... Realizing those memories would be a treasure for our children, we packaged the slides up and sent them to your company for conversion. What a stroke of luck that Michael happened to be the one who processed them for us! In all my years of dealing with various businesses, have never had one so conscientious in attending to detail over perfecting things to MY wishes! Michael checked with me to be sure things were exactly right... In the midst of his hours of work, we lost our Visa card, with which we had arranged to pay you. Thus, urgency and safety mandated that we cancel it quickly in case it had fallen into the wrong hands and numerous charges we did not authorize might be attributed to us. Soooo, had to wait for Visa to issue a new card, so we could pay your company before the DVDs were sent. Patient....and ever-vigilant Michael arranged to send the completed DVDs via overnight mail so we could have them to surprise our children for Christmas!! They arrived at 3 P.M. on Christmas Eve, much to our joy!! Christmas at our house included children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren so there was much excitement and pleasure as we viewed some long forgotten precious memories through the DVDs projected on our television screen. I feel that this would not have been possible if Michael had not persevered and did everything possible to see that we were pleased and that the DVDs arrived in time for our Christmas celebration. If anyone ever deserved a merit bonus or raise, Michael is the one!! With my countless circle of friends who also invested in slides for their families, you can be sure my praises for your company will make the rounds. Can't get better advertisement than completely satisfied word-of-mouth customers!! Kudos to you for knowing how to judge character when hiring!! Thanks to Michael and to your company for making our Christmas extra special!

Jewel McDaniel
Englewood, TN

You just completed scanning about 600 slides for me. They have arrived and I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your excellent service and the overall high quality of my experience working with you.
Everything I was hoping for and for what I received, very fairly priced!! We were very, very impressed with the results, the speed with which you accomplished this order and especially with our ability to immediately bring up the PowerPoint slide show so we could review some great old pictures that we hadnt seen in years and years.
Thanks again! Be assured I shall recommend your company whenever possible.

James M. Stanfield
Captain, USAF (ret)
Folsom, CA

Thank you so much for the work you did on converting our slides to digital. We did a slide show of all the new images at my Grandma's 80th birthday and she can't stop talking about how much she loved them.

Thanks again,
Andrea Cruce

I received my slides and CD's yesterday. I am very pleased with the results. I will be sure to recommend your service and will add a link from my own (family) website

Thanks for the great service

I just got my Kodachrome slides and cd's back - AWESOME JOB! My father is going to love his Father's Day gift .... THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Tina B.

Thank you for my family DVD slideshow. It is a superb professional looking production that my family will enjoy for many years to come. The slides are vivid and clear with a great musical background. Again, thank you and in return for your great job, I will pass around my praise for Larsen Digital Services to all my friends and my co-workers at my job.

Ted Gisburne

Just wanted to let you folks know what a fantastic job you did putting my slides on a DVD. Now I can share my photos with my family and especially grandkids. My slides from my time in Vietnam have been buried for over 40 years. They will now be preserved for my generations to come. Your service was very inexpensive but the quality was superb. I will tell my friends and family about your company.

John Moretty Portland, OR

Just received the CD's. They look great! I am so pleased that I finally did this.

Lois Schmelzer
New Hampshire

With over 4000 slides to scan of family memories I decided I did not have the time to spend scanning my slides at home. I sent them to Larsen Digital Services in Ogden Utah ( ... They do the work in their own labs (some labs send your slides to off-shore locations). I have been extremely happy with their work.

Joe Lindsey - Family Tree - blog

The purpose of this letter is to express my deep appreciation for your staff going the extra mile in rushing the scanning of the approximately 500 slides I sent you and putting them on DVD. The fact that you were able to accomplish the project one day earlier than expected was truly amazing.

Although I have not yet seen the DVD since everything was sent up to my wife in Seattle, I did here reports of how wonderful everything was. It truly meant a lot to my wife and her sisters to be able to view these family memories with their mother prior to her passing away. I commend everyone that worked on this project and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You will certainly have my future business and I am recommending you to everyone I know.

Glen Baker,
Ed.D. Principal

I sent a bunch of nearly 50-year-old slides to Larsen Digital ( for scanning a few weeks ago and got back my materials recently. I was thrilled with both the quality and the pricing. If you're looking for scanning, go to their website and see what they have to offer.

Harold Levine
President Levine & Partners, Inc.
340 East 55th Street New York, NY 10022

I just received my scanning order. The pictures ALL came out great. You guys did a fantastic job. I'm so glad I used your services. Thank you so much for the quality of work and have a great New Year.

Thomas Pitzer; TA Coordinator/Instructor
Chair--Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
Florida International University
Department of Biological Sciences
University Park, OE 273
Miami, FL 33199

I wanted to share these thoughts with you and all of your fine folks at Larsen Digital because you have made my dream come true; a dream to make a difference in the lives of my family, parents, siblings, grandchildren, and many descendents yet to come.

I have always strived to make a difference in world and to leave a positive mark on everything around me. Whether it was in my professional endeavors or volunteer work that I have been involved in over the years, I just wanted to make things better.

But as I am now getting closer to retirement, my thoughts and aspirations have turned toward family. I had asked myself, Have I really done anything to make a difference in my family's life? I struggled for a solution as to what I could do for the benefit of my parents, my siblings, my children, my grandchildren, and generations yet to come. After great thought and deliberation the most wonderful idea hit me right between the eyes.

My daughter was getting married in the next few days and she needed some photos to display at the wedding of herself as a young child; a simple request that I quickly found that I couldn't provide a solution for. All of the really old photos from 20 years ago were in storage, "somewhere" in the basement of my parent's home because we had placed all of our memorabilia back in Seattle with my parents when we moved to New York so that I could finish college. Although I failed to find the pictures in time for the wedding, this incident provided me with my answer to how I could really make a valuable difference.

My main concern was digitally preserving my family history pictorially. Ever since I became involved with my ancestry and genealogy over 20 years ago; I have been worried about how I was going to get all of my photos that are in albums and scrapbooks preserved in a way that I know they are safe from the aging process.

I'm now in my late 50s and my parents are nearly 80. I knew it wouldn't be long before my parents and perhaps even I wouldn't be around to ensure that this photo preservation and cataloging project would be taken care of while people who were familiar with the photos were still able to help in the process. My parents and siblings all live long distances from me; as our family has spread all over the USA and Canada from New York, Florida, Texas, California, Seattle, and even Toronto. Unfortunately, the family photos have been spread all over the country as well. I had most of the printed photos except for the really old photos which were still at Mom and Dad's place in Seattle. My brother Mark who lives in Florida had some of the old Kodachrome and Ektachrome slides that Dad used to take back in the 50's and 60's as I was growing up as a little child, but for some reason nearly half of the 35mm slides where still at Dad's place in those round Kodak carousel things that we used to put in the slide projector as we huddled around that big white screen as a family. I can still remember the distinct smell of the projector after the bulb had been on a long time and it really heated up. As a kid back then, I don't think I really appreciated the importance of our life being captured on film. Details of how our old house looked before we added the garage, the funny looking wood grain on the sides of the old station wagon, and the taillight fins, that's a design that I pray never comes back. I have fond memories of my mom and dad as child but without seeing the photos of my dad with a full head of hair and mom with that ridiculous beehive of hair on her head, I would never have remembered the way things really were back then. I knew that my father served in the Navy during the war before I was even born, but I didnt actually remember seeing a photo of him in his uniform before.

Now that I am older, wiser, and a little more sentimental, I found myself coming to tears as I would think back upon these found memories. The family vacations as a kid, the birthday parties in the backyard, and the photos of my Brother Nick's arm in a cast after he fell off of the jungle gym at school.

One of the photos that mean the most to me is a photo of me and my friends just hanging out and having fun. The photo includes one of my best friends as a young teen that tragically died in work related accident only 10 years after the photo was taken. It gave me great joy to be able to send a copy of the digitally scanned photo slide to his parents and his sister.

I lead a very busy life, and I had very little time or inclination to painstakingly convert all of our family's thousands of photos, negatives, and slides to a digital archive. I knew it had to be done and soon; before I lost the drive to get it done. For over two months I had been looking into the possibility of finding a reputable company that transfers photos, negatives and slides onto CDs. I wasn't real sure whether I really wanted CDs, DVDs, or DVDs that will play a slideshow like a movie on a TV. I was also unclear as to the need for HDTV DVD's with all that I had read about the Blue ray and HD format war. I needed professional help for sure! A co-worker of mine recommended your service to me and with a glowing review.

After the first phone call to you I knew I had located the right company for me. The young lady who took my call explained everything to me that I would need to know to pull this project off. My extended family shipped every photo, negative, slide, and scrapbook that we owned from all over the country. You fine folks at Larsen Digital combined all of this photo history into a digital collection of memories that will be cherished forever. I can only imagine the amount of time it must have taken to put all of this together. Mom and Dad recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and the whole family gathered for a family reunion and watched the DVD slideshow that you created for us. We all tied watched, laughed, and even cried at times. It was a fabulous display of our family history and heritage.

Your on-line photo organizing system that allowed all of the extended family members to logon and help me organize the digitized scans was a godsend. I could never have done this by myself because I didnt even know most of the people in the photos. I had family members from 5 cities and 2 countries all working together on the photo organization using the web based service you provided. Even my 80 year old dad was able to help with the project. Being able to do the organization and naming of photos before you created our digital photo collection and DVD slideshow was the icing on the cake! Everything just worked out perfectly for us.

For this I will be forever grateful to Larsen Digital. What a wonderful service you provide to the millions of people just like me. There are very few companies in the world that are making a positive difference in the world. There are even fewer companies that I would entrust my family heirlooms with; and you my friends are one of the few.

My best wishes for you company's continued success.

I thank you, my family thanks you, and my decedents yet to be born thank you.

B. Johnson
Syracuse, New York

I received the videos this morning. It worked out perfectly as today is my father's 75th birthday. My whole family went to his house for dinner & I gave him the DVDs. He & my mother where so happy I can not possibly describe their excitement. He is fighting cancer and has been feeling stronger in the last week so he was really able to enjoy the DVDs.

We all were so amazed at how great they came out, so many were 50 years old but the images looked like they we shot yesterday. So many of them just popped out of the screen! You did a fantastic job. Thank you so much for rushing, it made a perfect present for my dad today. I appreciate the speed and the quality of work you provided. I am so glad I found you guys!

Dave Peltzman

Just wanted to thank you so much for the excellent job you did for us. The videos that you created from our 35mm slides arrived this afternoon and we couldn't be more pleased with the results. I'm sure that our children will treasure them also. Again, thanks for the great service. God Bless You!

Carolyn and David S. Quakertown, PA

I must tell you that my wife's birthday was a never-to-be-forgotten occasion thanks to your great work with my old 1960s slides. The family had assembled at Deep Creek Lake, a resort in the mountains of western Maryland. After a great meal had been consumed, the birthday cake shared round and the presents opened, I put on the MPEG DVD you'd made from the slides. To the assembled family members, the effect was electric. Even the little ones were quiet. And soon there was hardly a dry eye in the room. You see, those pictures hadn't been seen in decades and they exposed a world that has since passed away. We saw people and places we haven't thought of for so long it seems almost like a lifetime. The younger family members saw people they've only heard about. The overall result was magic.

This is to say thanks. Your service and quality are truly appreciated from the heart. There was such interest that I'd like to buy some more copies of the DVD that can be shown on a television set.

Regards and thanks once more.

Noel Vietmeyer

We received our slide scanning project back from your company earlier this week and I just had to write a note to you folks. We are just blown away with the quality of the work you did for us!!!! Your website made a lot of promises and raised the bar pretty high for our expectations but your actual performance beat those high expectations. Most of our slides were 35-40 years old and so faded that we didnt think it would be worth having them scanned by you. I must say, they almost look new on our computer and TV. What you folks have done with our old slides is a miracle. I can hardly wait to give the copies of the DVDs out to our family members (which are now spread across the country). Please pass this note on to Kristin. She was so helpful when we had so many questions.

Rebecca Pitkin,
Winter Haven, FL

I wanted you to know that I am very pleased with the results of your work on my very old slides and negatives. Most of these slides were 30 to 40 years old and the memories are priceless. I now have CD copies and have shared these with my family and some friends. You probably already know, but let me remind you, that the result of your work can make many people very, very happy.

I was able to give photos of children and their parents (now deceased) that those children (now parents themselves) had not seen, and certainly did not remember that they even existed. Can't beat that!

Thanks again.
Steve Palmer
Norfolk, MA

I wanted you to know that I am very pleased with the results of your work on my very old slides and negatives. Most of these slides were 30 to 40 years old and the memories are priceless. I now have CD copies and have shared these with my family and some friends. You probably already know, but let me remind you, that the result of your work can make many people very, very happy.

I was able to give photos of children and their parents (now deceased) that those children (now parents themselves) had not seen, and certainly did not remember that they even existed. Can't beat that!

Thanks again.
Steve Palmer Norfolk, MA

Received Disc's and slides in good condition. I reviewed all Discs and photos and was very satisfied with the results. I know the slides were not in the best of conditions (As they had survived two hurricanes) but were very well received on the Disc. Thanks for the good Job.

Charles Mulligan

I just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on the slides that I had recently sent you. Every picture came out superbly and I appreciate your work. I hope to use your services again in the future. Thanks again.

Don Spielvogel

I just received my order and I am totally flabbergasted. I did not expect these old slides -- some dating back to 1941 or 1942-- to look so good! They are truly remarkable! The colors are so vivid and the images so sharp they look like they were taken yesterday with a high-end digital camera (or, at least, by someone who's a better photographer than I).

An excellent job!
Thank you!
K. Kennedy
Glen Rock, New Jersey

I want to thank you for the work you did converting my slides. In addition you responded very well to the missing slide transfers in my order by regenerating the disk and sending me a free slide show. Making an error wasnt nearly as important as how you responded to it and the way you corrected it. You have a fine company, good people and deliver an excellent product. Your work is an important part of a 5 generation family pictorial that Im putting together. Thanks again, and continued success. You will always have my enthusiastic endorsement.

George Giani

I wanted to commend you on doing such a superb job on my Dad's very old slides (1940's-1950's). I know there were a lot of slides and several I am sure had bad mounts, all requiring your attention. I suspect the Digital ICE took a lot of time as well. The results speak for themselves. Almost as good as new! Your attention to detail in maintaining order among those 1,900 image files was excellent! Thank you for a job very well done! My ailing 90 year old dad is going to be so surprised to see these slides after who knows how many years!!!!

Jeff Peterson
Richmond Virginia

Wow! Our DVD's arrived last night and I can't tell you how happy we are with the results. What a trip down memory lane we took, two old folks with tears in their eyes as we watched the slides go by - thank you for helping us to preserve these old slides, and make a wonderful present for our children and grandchildren this Christmas! Thank you so much - I'll pass your name on to anyone I can think of who might be in the market for your services!

Margot Peter

The scans look great - I'm going to ship them off to Egypt today. Thanks for your personalized service - a big plus for us.


Awesome job! Everything works great! Thank you very much.

Bill Minahan
Rockland, Massachusetts

Congratulations to you all. The slides came today, and we are so happy. They are beautiful to see on our computer. We haven't been able to really look at them since we junked the old projector 20 years ago. We're new at this computer stuff and our next move is to learn how to make nice prints from your wonderful CD.

Many thanks,
E. Allan Ross

I can't believe what you did, it is so far beyond our expectations! What was lost - appears to have been found! I called my wife to see, & together we shed nostalgic tears of joy! Thank you so much.

Dwight H.

I just had to send you an email to say THANKS!!!!!! The pictures from the slides are AWESOME! I had no idea that 40 year old slides could turn out such incredible pictures. I'm sure it is totally due to your magic touch!

Thank you very much!
Stephanie Wilkens

We were very pleased with the results of our slide scanning to disk. Great service great quality. Our grand kids now have a piece of history!!!

Thank you
G. DeKoster

I just wanted you to know I received my order today and I am ecstatic...I didn't think they would come out that good....I think you and your crew did a great job.. This will make a wonderful anniversary gift for my parents who probably didn't even realize they had these old slides anymore...

thank you again...
Marjie Becker

Just wanted to let you know that the slides and CD's arrived in good shape yesterday. The images are really great. Many thanks for the high-quality results, quick turnaround and your excellent, personal service.


Thank you so much for the CD's. The slideshow looks absolutely amazing and I know my brother and sister are going to think so too. The pictures have been in our possession all of our lives so it was extremely difficult to put them in the mail. Thanks for taking such good care of them!


What a wonderful job you did converting the slides. Thank-you very much!

Suzanne Fontrier

I received the CDs of my scanned slides today, and I am very happy with the results. Some of the slides were over 50 years old but you would never know it. Their color and clarity on the CD are amazing. Thanks for doing such a great job!!

Annie M. Egan

Just received my CD of scanned family photos--most dating back to the 1950s. GREAT JOB! Very pleased with the results. What a great way to archive these valuable old photos.

Please keep me posted of any specials or updated services.

Robert Brookshire

Thank you for a job well done. My slides arrived and the digitized images are better than the original slides. Thank you for your prompt and accurate service.

Cave Creek, Arizona

The work you did was fantastic; everyone that has seen the video has been really impressed. We couldn't believe the slides were so clear and the music you added brought back many memories. (My husband) was also very touched by the song at the end and I liked the way you flashed the shots of (My husband) back on the screen.

People that have seen the video have asked how I found someone like you. Isn't strange how there can be a connection between complete strangers? I knew you had your heart in this with the first email you sent telling me what you were doing with the slides. It was evident you put a lot of thought and heart into the video and we appreciate your work very much. If you need to use me as a reference, please do.

Thanks again.
Beverly P.

I am the Communications coordinator for the Department of Neurosurgery at LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport, Louisiana. Among my responsibilities includes overseeing the transition of many departmental materials to digital format for presentations' access via database, and storage. This includes coordinating the digitization of our existing store of some 10,000 patient neuroimaging studies, which have been routinely stored as photo slides over the last eight to ten years. After viewing their web presence, speaking personally about our needs' and completing a formalized bid process, Larsen Scanning Service was selected to implement this initiative. As we near the halfway point in this slide digitization process, I can say that we in the Department of Neurosurgery have been quite pleased with the performance and professionalism of this scanning service. Not only are they able to handle the considerable volume of slides in a timely fashion, but the application of the digital cleaning system has resulted in slides that have been digitally restored to new likeness, at times in spite of significant debris and wear to the slide.

With new sets returning to us on a regular basis, I can safely state that Larsen Scanning Service is readily capable to handle high quality scanning projects on a large scale with pleasing results. We look forward to continuing our digitization process with this company, and recommend them to companies or individuals seeking to preserve their stores of photo slides.

Kindest regards,
Christian B

I just want to thank you 10,000 times for providing this service at reasonable rates. I just downloaded my hundreds of slides, and am extremely happy - fast, accurate service. I'll be giving your name out to my colleagues, and we will certainly use you for our business slides.

Anne Sullivan

I received my slides and CDs today. I am just thrilled with them. I have been busy sending various photos to my children since opening the box. Thanks so much for the great, very professional service! I was completely satisfied with your service, "ecstatic" might be a better word, and had lots of fun sending images to my grown children. There weren't any areas where you could have done better.

Judy Michaels
Southern California

I was thoroughly satisfied with your service and appreciated the personal touch of communicating with you about the job

Paul Conahan

I just had a look at the scans and am very pleased with the layout and quality. Thank you once again for treating my small to moderate sized order professionally and taking care of it in a timely manner. I plan to give the extra CD copies to my sister and brother for Christmas and I'm confident they will be pleased and excited! I will not hesitate to recommend your services to my colleagues and friends.

Bret and Beth
Houston, TX

I received my scans yesterday and wanted to write to say thank you for the prompt and excellent work. I am very impressed and will be sending you all of my scanning business in the future. Your pricing and quality of service is unbeatable!

Brock McNally

I got my CDs today, and I could not be more thrilled!! I have about 1500 more slides that will be coming your way!

Thank you so much!!

Thanks -- got the order yesterday. Everything was great! As usual.
This is the second time I've used your service and I am very pleased with the results.

Thanks a bunch,
Nancy Snider

The order arrived on Saturday, a very fast turnaround. The CD worked fine and I'm really happy with the results.

Peter Linehan

My CD works fine and the scans look great! Thanks so much! I look forward to putting together my new (old) slide show.

Rebecca Nichols
National Coordinator
Queen of the Americas Guild

I received the CD & digital photos of my slides and I am very pleased.

Thank you very much for your service,
Linda Klein

Editorial note: The following quote is from a customer that was upset with our refusal to process nude photography. We clearly state on our web site that we will not process nude photography. Perhaps this customer note will reemphasize this point.

Thank you for processing my slides. Per your request, I will not be using your company again in the future, although I often have need of such services. I am an award-winning fine art nude photographer whose work is in discerning collections all over the world. My prints sell in galleries for hundreds of dollars.

I have a book coming out next year by a major publisher and I will need several hundred slides scanned to CD by another agency, of course. While the photos you developed are not indicative of my usual style, (these were actually done as a favor for a model) I resent having my work morally judged by small-minded people who have no understanding of it.

I will also be sure to pass the word on to the many photographers that I know, to look elsewhere for digital services.

M.J. Berkowitz